Fitness Activity Tracker Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Waterproof Sport Fitness Tracker Watch Smart Bracelet Wristband
for Android or iOS and for Kids Men or women

B86 Smart Bracelet Function Parameter

1, resolution: 135*240
2, the heart rate examines; Blood pressure examination(heart rate, the blood pressure in fixed
time monitors), the heart once leads Gao|lead low report to the police
3, time|the clock show; Account a step, calories, distance, sleep time, stop-watch, the switch
machine shows while pouring to account(7 kinds of time pages cut over)
4, the standard exercises function; (Account a step, distance, calories)
5, sleep a monitor; (Sleep time and wake up number of times, fallen asleep time, shallow sleep,
deeply sleep)
6, the call reminds; The message reminds that the QQ reminds, the tiny letter reminds, Skype,
facebook, whatsApp etc. reminds.
7, check to seek a cellular phone; Stop-watch checks to seek a cellular phone while pouring to
8, alarm clock; (Can support more than ten alarm clocks)
9, female physiology period(the menstruation has Yun to expect and is pregnant to expect, mama
Bao expects), the hand wreath reminds
10, exercise track
11, the screen is bright to hold time to establish
12, control from a distance to take photo; (Shake to take photo)

B86 Smart Bracelet Language Parameter

1, APP supports language; Chinese(simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese), day, English, method,
virtuous, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Korean,Hindustan, Vietnam,
2, the hand wreath supports language; Simplified Chinese character, English.

B86 Smart Bracelet Hardware Parameter

1, the system requests; Anne Zhuo 5.0 and above, IOS 9.0 above, support a blue tooth 4.0
2, monitor; (1.14 inch IPSs are colourful to hold)
3, blue tooth edition; BLE 4.0
4, the lord controls chip; NRF52832
5, memory; 32M
6, battery capacity; 140 milli- Anne
7, motor; Inside place, the vibration reminds
8, waterproof grade; IP67
9, spread a feeling machine; Three stalk gravities spread a feeling machine
10, refresh a way; USB refreshes
Four, external appearance parameter
1, take to hold size; (1.14 inch IPSs are colourful to hold)
2, watch band; TPU double color watch band

B86 Smart Bracelet Packing Parameter

1, packing box size(mm); 137mm*90mm*38mm
2, the gross weight(g) takes a packing; 107.6g
3, net weight(g); (list hand wreath)28.3g
4;The list hand wreath size; (do not contain a watch band)Grow a 57.2 mms, the breadth 23.3 mms,
thick 14.15 mms
5;Cartoon box size(cm)201 boxes; Grow a 28.5 cms, the breadth 21.5 cms, Gao 20.5 cms
6;Always weigh(g) 20 sets; 2.4KG

Overseas neutral packaging, envelope content can be customized. This product has original pictures in Chinese, English and packaging, and is available free of charge to bulk customers.

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Function Parameter
Raise The Hand On The Screen Support
Incoming Call Vibration Reminder
SMS Vibration Reminder: SMSreminder, QQ reminder, WeChat reminder, Skype, facebook, whatsApp and other reminders.
Heart Rate Monitoring Support/ high heart rate / low alarm
Motion GPS Track Support
Blood Pressure Monitoring Support
Female Physiological Cycle Function (menstrual period, preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, Baoma period), bracelet reminder
Blood Oxygenation Test Support
Pedometer Support
Alarm Clock Vibration Reminder/can support more than a dozen groups of alarm clocks
Sports Function standard exercise functions; (step counting, distance, calories)
Find The Bracelet Vibration Reminder
Screen Setting Function screen bright time setting
Photo Control remotely take pictures:(shake to take pictures)
Sedentary Reminder Vibration Reminder
Sleep Monitoring sleep time, number of wakes, sleep time, light sleep, deep sleep
Other Functions time ,clock display; step counting, calories, distance, sleep time, stopwatch, countdown, switch display (7 kinds of time page cut Change) / stopwatch, countdown
Hardware Parameters
Display Screen 1.14-inch IPS color screen
CPU NRF52832
Resolution 135 * 240
Touch Screen single touch
Bluetooth version:BLE 4.0
Heart Rate Sensor HRS 3300
Battery capacity:140 mAh
Motor built-in, vibration reminder
G-SENSOR triaxial gravity sensor
Charging method:USB charging
System Support Android 5.0 and above, IOS 9.0 and above, support Bluetooth 4.0
Language Parameter
APP Language Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean Persian, Vietnamese,
Machine Language Simplified Chinese, English.
Appearance Parameters
Colour strap: black and orange , black and gray , black and blue , black
Machine Weight 28.3g
Machine Size 57.2mm * 23.3mm * 14.15mm
Material case: PC / strap: TPU two-tone strap
Waterproof Level IP67
Certified Product CE, FCC, ROHS, quality inspection report, appearance patent
Packing Parameters
Package Weight 107.6g
Package Size 137mm * 90mm * 38mm
Carton Weight 2.4KG
Carton Size 28.5cm * 21.5cm * 20.5cm
Packing Quantity Per Carton 20 Sets

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Smart Bracelet B86

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