Top 20 trends in 2025: smart world at your fingertips

Top 20 trends in 2025: smart world at your fingertips

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Trend one: it's a machine, it's a family

With the continuous advancement of materials science, perceptual artificial intelligence, and 5G, cloud and other network technologies, there will be a variety of robots such as nursing robots, bionic robots, social robots, and housekeeping robots, which are emerging in the domestic affairs, education, and health service industries. Give humans a new way of life.
The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that by 2025, 14% of households worldwide will have their own robot stewards.

Trend 2: Super Horizon

The super vision enabled by new technologies such as 5G, AR / VR, and machine learning will help us break through the limitations of space, appearance, and time.
The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that by 2025, companies adopting VR / AR technology will grow to 10%.

Trend 3: Zero Search

Benefiting from artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, the intelligent world will simplify search behaviors and search buttons, and bring more convenient life experience for human beings: from the past you find information to the information actively finding you; in the future, there is no need to click the button to express Your needs, tables and chairs, appliances, cars will talk to you.
The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that by 2025, intelligent personal terminal assistants will cover 90% of the population.

Trend Four: Understanding the "I" Road

The intelligent transportation system will connect pedestrians, drivers, vehicles and roads to a unified dynamic network, and can more effectively plan road resources, change emergency response time, and enable zero-congestion traffic and virtual emergency lane planning.
The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that by 2025, C-V2X (cellular vehicle to everything) cellular vehicle networking technology will be embedded in 15% of vehicles worldwide.

Trend 5: "Three Highs" of the Robot Army

Automation and robots, especially artificial intelligence robots, are changing the way of production. They can perform high-risk, highly repetitive, and high-precision work without the need for rest and mistakes, which will greatly increase productivity and safety. Automation is widely used in construction, manufacturing and other fields.
The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that by 2025, every 10,000 manufacturing employees will work with 103 robots.

Trend 6: Human-machine co-creation

The integration of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies will further promote the development of future innovative society. The cost of trial-and-error innovation is reduced; originality, authenticity and professionalism are just guaranteed; human works are also enriched by machine assistance. The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that by 2025, 97% of large enterprises will adopt artificial intelligence.

Trend seven: smooth communication

With the application and development of artificial intelligence, big data analysis, communication between enterprises and customers, cross-lingual communication will become more convenient, information dissemination will be more effective, and people will understand and trust each other more easily.
The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that by 2025, the data utilization rate of enterprises will reach 86%.

Trend eight: symbiotic economy

Regardless of where they are, whether the languages ​​are interlinked and whether the cultures are similar, digital technology and intelligent capabilities are gradually being widely used in various industries around the world in a platform model. Enterprises from all countries have the opportunity to share global ecological resources and create high-value smart business models in open cooperation.
The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that by 2025, all enterprises around the world will use cloud technology, and the utilization rate of cloud-based applications will reach 85%.

Trend nine: 5G acceleration

Large bandwidth, low latency, and the demand of Guanglian are driving the accelerated commercialization of 5G, which will penetrate into all walks of life and return to recovery than we think.
The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that by 2025, 6.5 million 5G base stations will be deployed worldwide, serving 2.8 billion users, and 58% of the population will belong to 5G services.

Trend ten: digital governance

Globally, we should accelerate the establishment of unified data standards and data usage principles; encourage the establishment of third-party data regulatory agencies to ensure that they are as safe and ethical as possible and have laws to follow.
The Global Industry Outlook report predicts that in 2025, the annual global data storage volume will reach 180ZB.
Recently, China Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. released the Global Industry Outlook Report GIV2025, saying that the smart world is accelerating and within reach. According to the report's forecast, by 2025, intelligent technology will penetrate into everyone, every family, every organization, 58% of the global population will be able to copyright 5G networks, 14% of households have "robot stewards", 97% of Big companies will apply artificial intelligence.
Zhang Hongxi, chief marketing officer of Huawei ’s global information and communications technology infrastructure business, said: "Human exploration never stops. From earth to space, we must fly higher, from the past to the future, we must look farther. From innovation to creation. Deeper. Today, the changes brought about by the fourth industrial revolution dominated by artificial intelligence, 5G, and cloud computing are changing all walks of life, and are committed to the acceleration of the intelligent world. Huawei is committed to creating ubiquitous connections. Benefit from omnipresent intelligence, create a personalized experience and digital platform, so that everyone, every family, every organization can benefit from it, and make the intelligent world at your fingertips. "
The Global Industry Outlook report was first launched in 2018, gradually opening up the industrial landscape of the smart world, and providing a path reference for innovation and growth in various industries. In this year's report, Huawei based on case studies of 17 key industries such as transportation, retail, finance, manufacturing, and aviation, combined with quantitative data forecasts, further proposed the top ten global industry trends for 2025.

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